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MelaFind ®

MelaFind® sees beneath the skin surface to help our providers analyze potentially cancerous irregular moles.

MelaFind® is an FDA-approved, clinically tested, non-invasive, and painless medical device that sees into and analyzes the skin. It provides information that our providers can use to augment their expertise in detecting dangerous skin cancers. It gives immediate results in a few easy steps – no waiting, no worrying.

  • Gives us critical information when deciding whether to biopsy irregular moles.
  • Is painless, non-invasive and fast – it provides data in less than a minute.
  • Sees 2.5 mm below the surface of the skin, where the naked eye cannot see.
  • Provides a record to you so you can track any changes in your moles.

Based on the MelaFind® report and other key factors - including our years of clinical expertise - we can decide if the mole is potentially a melanoma and should be removed.

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MelaFind® Melanoma Detection

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