Sharplan Silktouch & Feathertouch

The Sharplan laser is a standard, 40 watt carbon dioxide laser which incorporates new technologies to allow it to be used with greater predictability, safety, and precision. Compact, sealed, air-cooled, and capable of superpulsed and pulsed modes, it is meant to permit char free surgery. This enhances cosmetic results by reducing scarring.

The laser is also equipped with computerized scanning devices to permit “FeatherTouch” and “SilkTouch” modes. FeatherTouch mode accomplishes extremely shallow vaporization of tissue, while the SilkTouch mode provides full vaporization of the epidermis in one pass. These features permit very selective and specific ablation of lesions and the resurfacing of the skin as never before possible.

These modes are two of the recent laser advances used in the much-talked-about Laser Resurfacing Procedure, which removes the sun-damaged surface skin, inducing both collagen shrinkage and remodeling. The end result is a healthy regenerated skin surface with a striking reduction in wrinkles.

Uses of this laser include:

  • Removal of wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and full face
  • Improvement of sun-damaged skin
  • Cosmetic improvement of scarring due to acne, trauma, or surgery
  • Removal of some benign skin tumors

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