Sarcoidosis is a complicated disease that can mimic many others. Skin involvement is often a central feature of this condition, although any organ of the body can be affected. The cause is unknown to date. The reaction pattern simulates tuberculosis and similar diseases.

The skin lesions are quite suggestive of the diagnosis. Multiple flesh-colored or hyper- pigmented, firm papules around the central part of the face are seen. Annular configurations about the mouth and nose are likely to occur. Lupus pernio consisting of large infiltrated reddish or purplish plaques on the nose or surrounding area associated with punch out osteolytic lesions on X- ray of the hand is quite specific. Mortality is more often determined by the extent of pulmonary, renal and liver involvement than skin and joint involvement.

Early recognition of this disease is essential for effective therapy. Consultation with a dermatologist can be very helpful in making the diagnosis as well as managing the cutaneous manifestations of this condition.

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